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House System

Inter house competitions are organized in school on weekly basis, they contribute immensely in the growth of personality of students. These houses are managed by team of teachers and students of the students' council.

To ensure peer level competition in a healthy atmosphere, whole school is divided into four houses:

The Maestros House Epitome of Valor

  • The Maestros symbolize the Genius and Expertise of any Art, they are known to work with great Vigor and Zeal.
  • Logo of this house is BULL which stands for Stability, Virility, Stamina, Fertility, Strength and Helpfulness.
  • Colour of this house is RED that signifies- Determination.

The Victors House Born to Win

  • The Victors symbolizes the Winners.
  • Logo of this house is DRAGON, which stands for the Fire Power that winners possess.
  • Colour of this house is GREEN which signifies prosperity achieved by the winners.

The Invincibles House Indomitable Spirit

  • The Invincibles are too powerful to be defeated or overcome.
  • Logo of this house is LION, the king of jungle and is known for its power and strength. Just as it is difficult to subdue lion in the same way it is difficult to suppress the Invincibles.
  • Colour of this house is YELLOW which symbolizes Attractiveness and Progress.

The Supremes House Leading Ahead

  • The Supremes symbolize highest achievable Rank, they are greatest in Degree, Quality, Power and Authority.
  • Logo of this house is EAGLE which stands for alertness, activeness and cleanliness. It keeps a check on others.
  • Colour of this house is BLUE which signifies clarity of thoughts and actions.

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