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Admission Rules

Admission is granted to the children based on the result of the interview/entrance test of the child seeking admission to the school. The purpose is to assess the proficiency of the child to comprehend the level to which admission is sought. Rules for admission are as under:

Any student seeking admission has to pay a valid - registration fee.

ii. Mere registration is no guarantee for admission. The child needs to pass the entrance test/ interview with minimum 50% score.

iii. Age of admission to school:

aa. Pre-Nursery : 2 Years & 6 Months
ab. Nursery : 3 Year
ac. LKG : 3 Years & 6 Months.
ad. UKG : 4 Years & 6 Months
ae. Class 1st : 5 Years & 6 Months as on 31st March of the year of admission
NOTE: For subsequent classes one (01) year is to be added. Provisional Admission to class XI

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